Tu, Tu y Tu.. It's always all about YOU!

I don't like (for not say Hate) people who's all about themselves, They just walk their ways, Breaking people hearts, people thay may be loves them, incredible as it sounds They're always always the victim, playing such a nice rol as it that convince everyone, even themselves, all about saying things that are never meant to be done, having puppie eyes, that melts you down, asking things like they need you so much, and Idiots like me that never refuses, and at the end .. just left you with a "thanks", and one "I'll be back for you soon, even If I'm always late".. the thing is they just don't, not for you, not even late. Saben jugar tan bien, tan insertas en su mundo, Que no ven mas alla, y simplemente ya no les importa. F*ck, me and myself can't live without them ...yet.

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